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It is a pleasure to announce our program of culture residency “Rural Mix”. This is a program for people like you who enjoy culture and arts and willing to take a part of them to be once unique experience. If you are a person of higher spiritual quality, art appreciator, serious culture worker or ethnographer etc., the residency might give you a new portal to experience the countryside and rural life in the information age . Maybe you will accidentally get some new inspirations for the mother nature. Moreover, you can practice your Chinese with friendly indigenous people.

If you have your own project such as film production, documentary or artwork, there are space , useful facilities and crew member available for you.

If you are interesting in the topic such as contemporary arts,  noetic science, global consciousness,  quentium physics and energy or simplicity and sustainable development, you are welcome to join our workshop or study groups. There are a lot  of similar philosophies in ancient Chinese culture.

Our Rose Manor,  the administrating house,  is located in a ranch-looked environment by the countryside of Beijing. There are several suites available each season based on application in advance.

B type/ 45 MxM———-320 USD/Mo.
G Type / 90 MxM———600 USD /Mo.
X Type / 200 MxM——-1150 USD / Mo.
All are broadband available with extra fee.

You might also have the opportunity to join us as an instructor to help local students who participate in our educational programs.Book your place by clicking here!

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