The project for learning souls in the 21th century

Life is like a long marathon. You don’t need to run the first, but to finish the whole course. It will lead you to a healthy and happy life, physically as well as psychologically. It aslo requires continuous to absorb various wisdom of the crystallized knowledge to benefit ones mental growth
Art is the crystallization of culture, culture is the crystallization of life, dissertation is the crystallization of academic research. but not necessarily all the wisdom of crystallization are suitable for everyone!

Standard education makes everyone into the same mode. After certification, all sent to the social furnace to refine. In the old-timed industrialized society, everyone is a part of the collective, a small part of large machinery. Human nature is not important. The smooth-running of the machine is vital. Culture could be discarded but the capital interests cannot be neglected. When the world goes larger, the space of an individual, however, is reduced!
Now, in the 21st century, it is the age of digital. Everyone is discussing the new economy, globalization and culture diversity. Has your traditional education been rewarded? Whether you still move in the outdated dance?

The scientific method is still the common faith of the present age, but is the analysis of science into the depths of the soul? Whether the relationship between human and other species goes harmoniously? Does excessive consumption of environment result in ecological imbalance? These new issues relay on coming generation of human beings with new wisdom to answer!

Before answering all the new questions, however, the individual’s personal questions should be answered first. Fear comes from the undefined things but knowledge is power. The best way to absorb knowledge is through expanding life experience realistically. Before entering the international community, the first efforts to develop self confidence is increase your understanding of the world. What is the bottom line of tolerance? To understand the world of new things rationally, individual is required to equip with skills of lessening, speaking, reading and writing, the four abilities toward knowledge. Furthermore, it is better to find a good mentor, go with some good souls and away from bed ones. If you want to know how to master a specialization of tool, it is another journey of the practicing and collaborating brain and hands constantly.

iNGO Academy does not oppose the growing mechanization of social development, but instead tries to preserve the value of humanity, the souls attached to mechanical operations. iNGO Academy is a learning environment created for the new enlightenment in the 21st century. It also provides opportunity to those who miss out their life shuttle bus. The residency and multi-intelligence workshop is a learning platform for international community. It is an experiencing compound for global post-industrialized talents. welcome to join this project formulated by Professor Louis K Wang.