Let your piggy bank turn into a fish!

Fish in Chinese culture means surplus due to the similar pronunciation.
“Good dream has a fish” gives you a good metaphor to the coming year。

The real world is like a vast ocean, let the fish-looked bank be your lucky storage.
You can put coins inside and make a wish,
striving for the best and pursuing dreams!
We all have a little bit of pride,
Fighting against all kinds of tasks in reality.
Proud little fish on pillow,
encouraging inner courage to pursue good dreams and making them come true.

“Good Dream Has a  Fish”limited edition
designed by emerging artist Jiang Long.
Size:18 x 20 x 16 cm

The most tasteful gift creates surplus on your pillow and reserve more for future need!
The most meaningful collection!
Three style, each size is 18x20x26
with art boutique gift box
( including collection code and greeting card )
Contact us for special collection price!