Let your piggy bank turn into a fish!

Fish in Chinese culture means surplus due to the similar pronunciation. “Good dream has a fish” gives you a good metaphor to the coming year。 The real world is like a vast ocean, let the fish-looked bank be your lucky…

Fragrance of Traveler

by Nana Bee French artist Christele Jacquemin made her latest artworks which combined visual and scent to present her life experiences in the European continent, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She sent me samples of this series. With a…

Skywalker lighted up by men power

  Genre:Doc Short Format: Video Length:3‘30″ Year:2018

Fashion Photography

It is not an easy thing to capture the beauty of the soul, even in this era of digital age with all kind of selfie software. Many young people nowadays think that with phone and a powerful app, all built-in function will automatically give oneself enough makeup, eyeshade as well as lipstick. But can that be it?

Nanabee in a Beauty Production

Nanabee in operation Genre:Corporation Short Format: Digital Video/CG Length:2‘ Year:2015

Art Wandering in Beijing

Genre:DocShort Format: Digital Video Length:1‘03″ Year:2012 The 798 Arts District is one of the coolest tourist spots in Beijing. Here tourists can visit several brilliant galleries, museums, as well as some fabulous restaurants, cafés and bars. The Arts District was…