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A Cat Can’t Go Back Home


from Beijing

Nana Bee, once a best-selling novel writer, and Xiao Rong, once the anchor singer of “Brain Failure“, the most famous punk band in China, have cooperated for the first time, bringing up a new song Cats Can’t Go Back Home to fans. This is song to talk about a story that a person unable going home during traffic congestion and worse than a cat at home. With the support of enthusiastic netizens who provided many clips of their cats, the fresh version of this MV is now available online to share with more people, for the happiness of being liberized after the epidemic war!

Xiao Rong, a composer who changed from a wild leopard to a domestic cat

The lyrics of Cats Can’t Go Back Home is written by Nana Bee. Xiao Rong composes the music and sings it. The lyrics mainly reflect the helpless of modern life from the viewpoint of cats and describe the dilemma when people stuck in traffic, unable to move or do anything in the heavy-crowded urban life that worse than  a cat sleeping at home.

After retiring from the Brain Failure, more creative mind were up in Xiao Rong. He was  looking for new way to do his music artistically, developing  styles holding depth  cultural expression. He  started to experiment works different from past, with more personal touch and contemporary China flavor. Cats Can’t Go Back Home is one of the works of innovation from him, integrating diversify instruments, with a little Beijing’s fashion, modern jazz sense and pop rhythm. It could be called Jing Jazz style!

Xiao Rong, a composer who researched new music styles in his studio

This MV sketches a general picture for viewers to appreciate cat philosophy and love home more for the lifestyle of new normal that brought by the epidemic war, whether it is working or just staying at home.

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