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A stunning new art project headed to Beijing

[from Beijing]

The art and artists, the type of which has not yet been seen in China is slated to land in autumn.

Headed by Executive Director, Fred Harding, the project will herald a collection of museum quality pieces from noted and collectible Canadian indigenous artists. This event will open a new market for the artist and sophisticated collectors of appreciating art pieces.

Bringing the art to China is a select group of art specialists, all collaborating together for the first time. Joining the collaboration is renowned Beijing-based educator, and producer Louis K Wang. He is deeply connected to China’s art market and the capital’s cultural and creative industries.

The group is proud to announce the involvement of Klatle Bhi, (cloth bay) regarded by many as the reigning leader of Canadian indigenous art at this time. Klatle Bhi is a major influencer and producer of significant Salish West Coast Art. His work can be found in museums, corporate headquarters and some of the most distinguished private collections in North America. Klatle Bhi was recently a visiting artist in residence in New Zealand where he left his indelible mark on the Maori art world.

It has been long believed that long before contact with European settlers, China was trading with the indigenous bands of Canada, evidenced through ancient temple tokens and coins found through archaeological work and in the preservation of indigenous cultural artifacts. It was in these artifacts that the coins were found literally woven into the fabric of the garments and through the history of their relationship. It is hoped, the introduction of the ancient crafts of indigenous art will lead to a greater cross cultural experience and relationships between the two nations and a re-sharing of a rich history of cultural and creative artistry.

Fred spent over thirty years working as a civil servant before embarking on a new life in China as a husband and business consultant. Shortly after arriving in China, Fred was persuaded to return to Canada after being scouted as a political leader and urged to run as Vancouver’s mayor. After competing in a tight Vancouver race, Fred returned to Beijing to continue building his business and running the Beijing Business Professionals, a 300 plus network of business leaders in the city.

Fred had the good fortune to meet with Louis Wang and Nana Bee, shortly after which they shared a vision to collaborate on the Herculean task of bringing an art show to China.

As a senior cultural and creative scholar, Louis Wang taught at the Pratt Institute in Manhattan and was the first expert to introduce the concept of digital cinema in 2000. During 2003-3004, at the Shanghai summit, Louis published a number of innovative papers on leading economic development, providing suggestions to government think tanks.

After spending time serving as a university researcher, Louis set up an independent research centre in Beijing. He also held famous art exhibitions such as Rural Mix, the Pastoral Art and the Cookie House promoting Chinese Contemporary art works to the international community.

In addition, famous novelist and art curator Nana Bee joined the team. Nana is also a visiting professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts who would bring great depth and cultural gravitas to the team.

Curating an art project of this size takes patience and formidable logistics. Despite the difficulties in working around the imposition of virus protections, the launch remains planned for the Fall. We all look forward to shaping the cityscape through the introduction of new and inspiring art and artists to China creating a broad and meaningful new dialogue.

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