a Documentary titled the Country

The documentary film “ten years of rural Chinese dream”, which will be premiered in the pastoral art joint exhibition, recently held a small test film activity and invited friends interested in film development to watch the film together.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a young man of literature and art, but I heard that the director is from Taiwan and I’ve lived in Beijing for ten years, so I made this documentary. It’s interesting to me. In this generation, people who are crazy want to leave the countryside and go to the city, so as to get rid of the local atmosphere and become a city man with cultural level. It turns out that someone from Taiwan to Beijing has chosen to stay in the suburbs of Beijing for ten years. Then, my friend said that the director was not only from Taiwan, but also lived in the United States before. He was not only a director, but also a professor. So, I really want to know how big the brain hole is for this documentary director from Taiwan?

After watching this documentary, I couldn’t help but mutter a word in a low voice: I’m too disillusioned. I didn’t take advantage of others to say good things. In short, this is the story of the director’s family for ten years. When we walked into the studio, we took the time capsule that the director prepared for us. Looking at the transformation of the world after the industrial revolution and the problems we are facing in our living environment, the story of this family begins. From the unadaptable hostess who entered the rural life at the beginning to the simple determination to live a splendid rural life, she held fashion parties and art and culture parties in the rural area. Since I came to the countryside, I simply lived a rural life, learned to be close to the land conscientiously, planted vegetables and flowers by myself, and worked in the field with my children like a wild girl all day long, otherwise I would run in the corn field. My daughter’s smile is so bright and lovely that I can feel her inner happiness!

This family is really Frank in life, a word does not come to a barbecue party. On his birthday, the teacher invited his students to a barbecue party. It’s also stipulated that students can’t go home after eating meat, which is really very loving. I want to know that our students love meat the most. You can see how lucky their students are. I want to be their students too. It’s also a barbecue party and a bonfire party. They try their best to hope that their friends who live in the city can get together in the countryside. They don’t care about how much meat you eat. They just hope that you can feel the comfort of rural life at such a time. At this time, I feel the happiness of this girl again. I play with all kinds of parties, eat well and play well.
When I was infatuated with Han Zong’s three meals program, I found the Beijing Rural version of three meals in the film, which really opened my eyes. The scrap iron can be used as the stove, chop wood and burn firewood, drive on the big iron pot, and then the Northeast pig killing vegetables are stewed on the pot. After eating pig food, I gathered in a circle to watch the stars at night. This romantic feeling is to envy how many people died.

However, although they live a rural life, they transmit their life through the Internet. The family wrote based on rural life, the hostess wrote a little bit of rural life, and also created a fantasy novel about the youth in the background of rural life. He is both an educator and a director. In ten years, he has educated many students and inspired so many young students. Besides, he did put forward many opinions in the film, which are the things we should pay attention to as a member of the earth, and many phenomena that are ignored in our life.
I began to envy them from the bottom of my heart. Think about how we all live. After work, we’ll find a place to eat, and then we’ll go home and brush our mobile phones. Get up on holiday and call for takeout, and then start playing King glory. Go to sleep, order takeout again, then swipe your cell phone while eating, play other games, and then wash and sleep. This is the end of the holiday, no cell phone, no network, no game, people will be disabled.

After watching this film, I found that director Wang Louie is actually very attentive in telling a truth. What we should pay attention to most is the inner growth of ourselves. External technology has been improving, but we have been degenerating. The reason is that we lose the ability to see our own characteristics.

At the end of the film, when the director said: life is not a movie, the script is not finished, we are the screenwriter, your story, his story, and this is the story of our family for ten years. I watched the director’s special editing methods, one by one miniature of their family’s life, and I cried! What moved me was not the beautiful scenery in those pictures, but the real life style of their family in those beautiful scenery.

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