always look bright side of life

It’s dangerous to constantly complain about an incomprehensible situation, because it makes the brain reject new cognitive systems and, more importantly, destroys mental health.

Why waste limited time and energy on things that are powerless at the moment? Why not discover your potentiality and expand your cognitive system, just like upgrading your mobile operating system?

If you like the speculative game of brain storm, what is the preferred world view? Complaining alone can’t help achieve better world values.

But what are good values?

Hey, you may think that complaining is a way to express happiness. Let others judge others before they are judged. In the Supreme Self world there, it is a pleasure to be able to curse the incomprehensible things frankly, but the cognitive destruction of the listener will make him in a collapsed world gradually.

If you want to say, “Hey, that’s not me, and I just feel it’s necessary to vent my discontent from time to time,” and then doing so is just a kind of worthless emission, so that anything worrying can disappear instantly?

It’s not good for you, it’s not good for people around. It’s inducing your brain to find more excuses to throw off the pot of real adversity!

Here are some recommendation. It’s better to list all the things you’re grateful for in the last two weeks of each year. All the memories of the year that can show the direction of the future and prepare for further progress. Will you encounter favorable friends who inspire you? Will you create opportunities for later comers to tell some good stories? This is the beginning of the voyage of salvation to the direction of good value.

You know, 2020 will turn in another direction in the history of human civilization, all possible dreams will be inspired, you can’t wait for all the good things to come and bathe in it, unless you understand the meaning.

Let’s understand the future development and face the changes of the century together in 2020!

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