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Art Wandering in Beijing

Format: Digital Video

The 798 Arts District is one of the coolest tourist spots in Beijing. Here tourists can visit several brilliant galleries, museums, as well as some fabulous restaurants, cafés and bars. The Arts District was transformed from an industrial area saturated with Chinese-style factories, and many of these factories remain, making the Arts Zone really interesting and unique. So, It will be an unique experience just wandering around the Arts District. It is a very nice visiting as 798 Arts District consisted of interesting surprises. Big sculptures and installations designed by famous Chinese contemporary artists are scattered in the district. Tourists can therefore walk around and appreciate them. While there are many other modern galleries, boutiques, book stores, restaurants, cafés, and bars worth visiting, you can therefore pick any one according to your own interest and mood. Showcasing the old and new elements, and the Eastern and Western architectural styles, 798 Art District is truly one of the most interesting tourist spots in Beijing.