Creatives Culture

Club Memework, Beijing


Under this particular number,
We hold a feast of visual arts.
Through this Memeworks’ Festival,
let the lost catch up with the contemporary,
And get rid of the hassles of the first half of 2020
by an art movement.

This festival is curated by Nana Bee
and directed by filmmaker Louis Wang.
All will reboot your imagination of future
Leading you into the wonderful world of montage,
Buffering the pressure of life
Bring new experiences to the senses,
Let art flush away the filth of lockdown
Spend a beautiful autumn night together!

Movie & Music & Taste Culture ,
Soft drink、 Beers 、Red & White Wines 、 Buffet
All  for you to eat 、 drink and experience !

inside CloudNine Club

CloudNine Club (inside Youdai Coffee)
B1, Kirin Place, Wangjing,
Chaoyang district, Beijing

10th Oct. 2020
19: 00  to  22:00

After 22:00, to continue a party with the DJ of FM91.5, it will be charged to order extra drinks or snacks.


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