Crossover talk in the Cookie House

On July 12, under the arrangement of curator Nana Bee, the creative venue Cookie House is welcoming Peter Wayne Lewis, a tenured professor of design and painting at the Massachusetts University of Art . He was amazed at the old castle’s interior and its raw and rough atmosphere in this venue. To be frank, he felt very original. He suggested that Cookie House curators should keep it in this mood forever. He also said that such artistic environment made him want to curate a art show in Caribbean style.

Lewis talked about his past in the Cookie House. He visited Beijing in 2005 and worked in 318 Art District. Although the conditions were not very good at that time, the art exhibition was very successful. Later, he established his Oasis Studio, had a deep cultural exchange with many contemporary Chinese artists and helped some excellent creators to go abroad and enter the international platform for further development.

Lewis’s works are mainly in vivid abstract style. He has been exhibited in the well-known UCCA in China. He is loved and collected by many collectors. His latest solo exhibition is in Red Gate Gallery,an eldest gallery in Chinese Contemporary Art Circle.

(from right to left)Louis K Wang 、Peter Wayne Lewis and Zhang Zhaohui

It is said that one of his works has been chosen as a stamp pattern on the postcard commemorating the Seventieth Anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Are you Interested? Go & get souvenirs!


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