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NYC Glance Over 1998

NYC Glance Over 1998 Genre:Surreal Short Format: Digital Video Length:1’51” Year:1998

Beijing Wind Summer Party, 2008

Beijing WIND This is the first year of our Rural Mix project. People came  and enjoyed the summer BBQ at center square of Rose Manor Everybody have had a good time at the place full with sunshine and greens. Happy…

A Song for Our Seal of Creativity

  La~~ A creative tutor wearing a dress, Inspired brush and long tail ink heart \ To bring you aesthetics, Knowledge of foresight consciousness. The vertical hair represents his antenna, Receive the magic of inspiration. Intuition and imagination, This is…

Urban Mirage

Genre:Experimental Format: Digital Film Length:1‘30″ Year:2008

City Impulse: Energy of Unknown

City Impulse Genre:Experiment Short Format: Digital Video Length:2’45” Year:2002

Rural Chronicle: The Change of Pastoral Life

Genre: Documentary Format: Digital Film Length: 4’35“ Year: 2007 Leaving the familiar city, leaving behind the  noisy and bustling streets, came to a green place. For people living in cities, such green and blue skies are expensive and luxurious. Going…