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Digital Restoration brushing up film archives

Digital Restoration for Old Movie Genre:Documentary Short Format: Digital Video Length:7‘28″ Year:2002 The images of Traditional film-based movies got broken , scratched and blotched after a few decades due to multiple projecting, moisture and natural oxidation. These classic movies gradually…

Ritual: The threshold of Belief

Ritual: The threshold of Belief Genre:Ethnography Short Format: Digital Video Length:1‘54″ Year:2001 Belief creates a protective sphere between faith and non-faith. Enjoy yourself in the sphere, and dance with amazement and madness to whoever out of the sphere! The ritual…

Modeling Taiwan(Trailer)

Modeling Taiwan(Trailer) Genre:Documentary Format: 16mm Film Length:78‘ Year:2000 In the form of documentary film, it shows the real life story and human nature. The film presents the original context of contemporary art. The director filmed seven art models who were…

a Gorden Wing Lost on the Tree

Genre:Experiment Short Format: Digital Video Length:45″ Year:2018

Siggraph 1997: New Digital Tool for Animation & SFX

Siggraph 1997 Genre:Documentary Short Format: Digital Video Length:1’47” Year:1997  

CG Programs: The experiment to create animation with digital tools

Genre:Surreal Short Format: Digital Video /CG Length:1′ 56″ Year:1996