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Find your Mojo through Arts

by Nana Bee

Dear friends, welcome to be here. Let’s learn together to face the odd situation and uncertain future. Let the art things enlighten soul, open eyes and offer idea for you in the  new age of artificial intelligence. Applause is welcome after enjoyment.

Visual impact in this moment may reboot mind to ruminate and calm down. Do you know that through your like, you can help others’ lives? Maybe you just don’t know how to participate.

We are in a world of culture diversity, a wonderful world waiting for further discovery. Your talent may turn out to be an unexpected push to help others out of dilemma.Some just don’t know how to help in the right way.

Don’t worry, let arts help to inspire yourself first! Please stay in the world of arts for a while!

Many people regard things they don’t know as bad things. That though comes from anxiety and preoccupied.

Don’t worry! The works of art displayed here are all good works created by excellent artists during this locked down period. After invitation, I present them to you here. Please put down your uneasiness and doubt and try to communicate with arts. You will find that you can feel the inner feelings and even find self-confidence. Because, all positive energy will benefit you in modern life or recreation.  At present you might just don’t know how to find the right “Mojo” of yourself.

Your “Mojo” are not placed on the shelves of department stores or shopping malls. Sometimes they are abandoned in nature or the corner you never care about.

However, their existence can be found by correct knowledge and good aesthetics.

You don’t have to be a professional in this field, or a creator in this industry. However, understanding this knowledge will help to upgrade life experience and improve the quality of living. From good movies, music, books and works of art, you will get this information and support. Because the right “Mojo” will bring good things to your daily life. You just need to know how to appreciate and explain them.

Perhaps, let this showcase give you an inspiration and discovery through arts, let you also become a guardian of your own mojo, and make the world better.


Creature of Nature by Cynthia Fusillo
mixed media / tree bark, flowers, paper
210 x 83 cm


Life Warning Record~Tree of Hope by Song Xin
composite materials / Paper cutting Collage
58 x 44 cm


 Rolling stone by Yan Ke Fu
oil on canvas
116.5 x 91cm



Where the Wildflowers Sing by Elisa Liu
Acrylic paints and Texture Mediums on Canvas
121. x 91 cm


Like Water Ambiguously by Ma Wei
Composite materials/ Silk
50 x 50 cm


Prosperity and Declination by  Sachie Yoshino
oil painting  45x38cm
piano playing & singing  by Mickie Yoshino

The song “Yes, I thank you” is for Nobuhiko Obayashi, a famous Japanese film director, who passed away recently. He was renown by directing the movie “HOUSE”(1977). Yoshino was  co-composer , soundtrack with Godiego.


 Keep Calm #Covid19 Series by Tan Siok Siok
Photojournalism  + voice over


Doodle Discreetly by Louis Wang
Taiwan / China
Digital Video


Dear netizens, I’ve enjoyed all of them. How about you? What kind of feeling do you have right now? Maybe one of these artworks is your mood portrayal at this moment.

Welcome to exchange experience with me. If you want to collect any of them, you can also contact me for further advice.


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