From Bee to Climate Change


There are a lot of roses in my garden. When in  May and June, the blossom  are very beautiful. There is a forest in the place where I live. I often walk in the woods and feel the difference in all seasons.
Because of the beautiful natural surrounding , sometimes I take it as a creative material to draw and paint to enrich my soul. The beauty of nature also makes me calm when I am tired of work. It is the best psychotherapist.
But in the past few years, I have found that global environmental changes caused something change. The flowering period of roses has become less stable. In addition to roses, the spring of Magnolia, apricot, Lihua, and jellyfish, their flowering period began to be less stable. Summer petals or leaves often have signs of burns, which appear to be the heat of the sun. Climate change is really ongoing, but most people may not have found it.
Because they all spent time in the air-conditioned room anyway. They entered the air-conditioned room and ate fast food. Everything was naturally shut out. Just like my used thought that the change of the four seasons was just as usual. We rarely observe the four seasons and  nature as well. Not even thinking about it, the ecology we live in has gradually changed and is gradually affecting the future.
Now, because I often live with nature, I can feel its changes. These subtle changes are actually the groaning of it.  I have received the message. In addition to thanking it for giving me the nourishment of life to soul, let me think about how to give it back, how to convey these messages to let more people pay attention to the changes in nature, and help the Mother Earth  to restore. Be a part of the Advocating Reformation Toward Sustainability(A.R.T.S.),  I made this PSA and wanted to share it with you. It is not for fundraising, nor for social activities. I just want to remind netizens to pay more attention to the Earth’s environment. Make a good wish to our ecologically healthy nature called Gaia!

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