How about building up a Beautiful Garden in Heart?

At the beginning of each year, you may be busy making a new wish list. Whether it’s a big plan or a small plan, I hope it is something meaningful for life.

When the Corona virus is testing the attitude of humans’ life, the earth also uses its way to make a wordless protest. in 2020, we will still uphold some new projects for all friends, in which you may find different selves, which are so simple and interesting. The relevant outlines are listed as follows:

*There are differences between external and emotional goals. How to put yourself together?
*How to meet the new future with more clarity and cognition and methods?
*How to stay strong and enjoy life, even if the world looks crazy.
*How do you share your positive energy with those who need it?

Does the above look serious,and puzzling? Don’t be nervous, we will work hard with you to solve these doubts. If you are ready for the coming of a new generation, it will be more and more difficult for you to seek for self practice in this AI 、fully automated and lazy world. It doesn’t matter. Can you think about your deep understanding of the past life? After all, life is a feeling. Your emotional accumulation will determine your future growth, and let’s spend some time to understand the past experience during the quarantine. Is the sense of honor that can stay in your memory s from an accident or an inevitable encountering?

Now welcome to Taosidency©. This project is suitable for people who like arts, love life and experience cultural diversity.  If you sign in as a member, you will have the opportunity to participate in our activities. Let us build a beautiful garden together.

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