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How to become a guru of Chinese ink arts in new age

To see is easy, to do is hard. For example, using Chinese ink painting to create visual effects with modern style is a big challenge. It needs earnestly practice to create thees kind of light effects by bare hand.

iNGO Academy will bring to you a sense of refreshment in the hot summer holidays. Inside the Cookie House, the salon organized by Nana Bee will invite Zhang Zhaohui, an master artist in Chines ink arts,to tell stories about his 40-year experience dealing with this kind of ink stunt. His understanding between tradition and innovation are bringing Chinese ink arts to a new horizon of creative form in the international arena.

This will be a joyful salon to share idea and point of view, which may break your conventional understanding regarding Chinese ink arts. With  Zhang Zhaohui’s works, it will enter a space and dream world constructed by those illusive strokes.

Come curiously not seriously. Prof. Louis K Wang  and curator Nana Bee bring to you a cool and funny Sunday afternoon together with Zhang Zhaohui’s artworks. Let your mood reboot to an good jump start to coming week.

Thanks to all participate  and witness the new century of Chinese ink painting. After the presentation, there is a Q&A to exchange point of views.

About the Master Artist
Zhang Zhaohui was born in Beijing in 1965. A visual artist, a contemporary art researcher, grew up in Beijing and learned the basis of traditional calligraphy and painting and Western painting from an early age.

Studied In the Chinese Academy of Art 、the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, as well as Bader College in New York, he research extensively on the art history, theory and practice of ancient and modern art, and have obtained many advanced art degrees.
In his early years, he worked in the Chinese Art Museum for eight years. Published more than ten Chinese and English works of art, translated works and collections. The works of art have participated in more than 100 joint exhibitions organized by various professional art institutions at home and abroad, as well as many individual exhibitions. The exhibitions have been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Taipei, Milan, Paris, London, Turin, Naples, Brussels, New York, Chicago and other places.
Winning various awards, awards and bonuses, including the Rockefeller Foundation of the United States, the Asian Cultural Council, and the Australian Asian Olympic Federation Foundation. In 2014, he won the silver prize of the first Nanjing International Art Exhibition. The works have been collected by more than 20 public and private art institutions at home and abroad.


The Salon hosted by Curator Nana Bee

Do you want to know more about how to be creative with the ink art? Come and learn with master artists!


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