the Collection of Arts

After Ice Storm in Beijing

Beijing Snow Genre:Ethnographic Short Format: Digital Video Length:2‘53″ Year:2009

Arts from Grassroots

Genre:Documentary Short Format: Digital Video Length:1’30” Year:2009 Have fun. What are you dancing about? Is it related to multiculturalism or aesthetics? Or is it just for celebrating in three days? It’s so exciting! It’s so unusual! That’s the way it…

Art fair in Beijing

Artfair in Beijing Genre:Docementory Short Format: Digital Video Length:3‘06″ Year:2009

Fireworks of Spring Festival in Beijing

Genre:Documentary Short Format: Digital FIlm Lenth:2‘23″ Year:2009 One of the amazing thing of the Spring Festival in Beijing in the past was the fireworks on the streets. It’s like fighting against an  invasion of giant monster. The fireworks are full…

Xitang the Ancient Water Town in China

Xitang the Ancient Water Town in China Genre:Documentory Short Format: Digital Video Length:4‘36″ Year:2004

Modeling Taiwan(Trailer)

Modeling Taiwan(Trailer) Genre:Documentary Format: 16mm Film Length:78‘ Year:2000 In the form of documentary film, it shows the real life story and human nature. The film presents the original context of contemporary art. The director filmed seven art models who were…