A party of Gastronomy in the Cookie House

Curator Nana Bee once more presented her art of gastronomy to share with all visiting creatives lead by founder of Red Gate Gallery, Brian Wallace. 10 August in arts house, the Cookie House, there are no cookies but delicious meat…

Gastronomy Research on Rural Foods.

frozen foods, canned foods, fast foods, snacks or takeaway. How they are made? Do not know! When eat more, taste become zombies. Gradually you will lost the feeling of real food!

Gastronomic Workshop:Tiramisu

Genre:Documentary Short Format: Digital video Length:6‘ Year:2010

Beijing Wind Summer Party, 2008

Beijing WIND This is the first year of our Rural Mix project. People came  and enjoyed the summer BBQ at center square of Rose Manor Everybody have had a good time at the place full with sunshine and greens. Happy…