iNGO Academy

Accord and Disaccord

Author:LKWARTS Genera: Digital Film Length:4‘40″ Year:2016 At the root of all human thoughts, emotions and behaviors are the communication between neurons in the brain. Brain waves are generated by a large number of synchronized and unsynchronized electrical pulses from neuron…

Sprites on the wetland for our ecology

This is Uca, also known as fiddle crab, with its characteristic uneven big claw. They like to constantly wave those big claws in front of their holes. Oddly, each male crab has only one big claw. Does it looks like running around with a fiddle on one side?

Beijing Wind Summer Party, 2008

Beijing WIND This is the prelude of our RuralMix Program. People came  and enjoyed the summer BBQ at cummunity square. Everybody have had a good time at the place full with sunshine and greens. Happy Holiday at our Compound!

A Song for Our Seal of Creativity

  La~~ A creative tutor wearing a dress, Inspired brush and long tail ink heart \ To bring you aesthetics, Knowledge of foresight consciousness. The vertical hair represents his antenna, Receive the magic of inspiration. Intuition and imagination, This is…

Farming and Sustainability

Farming and Sustainability Genre:Ethnography Short Format: Digital Film/Video Length:1’12” Year:2007

Toward Independency: A Journey of Sustainable Artist

Toward Independence Genre:Documentary Format: Digital Film Length:50′ Year:2006 She is not a famous music star. She just wants to sell her own music albums on to keep herself in the creative career.This fifty minutes documentary  tells a story about a…