the Collection of Arts

Having a Feel of New Air

The world changes slowly for life to experience new, just as the film of phantom. Scenes fade out one by one illustrating the future world. The line between urban and countryside are blurring gradually.

The project for learning souls in the 21th century

Life is like a long marathon. You don’t need to run the first, but to finish the whole course. It will lead you to a healthy and happy life, physically as well as psychologically. It aslo requires continuous to absorb…

Looking brightly torward coming New Year 2017 ?

It is dangerous to keep complaining about conditions you cannot control. It teaches your brain (and more importantly, your very spirit) that you’ll give a lot of attention and energy and focus to things you feel powerless to change. And…

An introduction of Chinese calligraphy

From earliest day of history to nowadays, calligraphy is an art that widely practiced throughout Asia society. Although it uses Chinese words as its vehicle of expression, one may not have to know Chinese to appreciate its beauty because, in essence, Calligraphy is an abstract art. While viewing a Western abstract painting, one does not ask, “What is it?” When viewing Chinese calligraphy, one need not ask, “What is the Chinese word?” Like all art, it is best to simply look at them and enjoy its unique “style” and aesthetics that might covey connotations such as ability, mysterious, careful, carefree, balance, unrestrained, mature, virile, grace, sober, well-knit, prolix, rich, exuberant and classic.

Lost in Sanlitun

Genre:Surreal Short Format: Digital Video Length:35″ Year:2014 Every city has a place where people linger. There are intricate stories inside. If you lose the context,It’s hard to understand. Lost is the only answer on the flashy appearance. Neon after sunset…

Chinese Novalist Nana Bee Opens writing Workshop in Beijing

In writing, You will only see the real oneself! In writing, You take positive action! In writing, You find the value of life! In writing, You redeem your own legend. In writing, You become the hero of your own journey….