the Collection of Arts

Nanabee in a Beauty Production

Nanabee in operation Genre:Corporation Short Format: Digital Video/CG Length:2‘ Year:2015

Enjoy Flying Above

Genre:Surreal Short Format: Digital video Length:35″ Year:2014

Art Wandering in Beijing

Genre:DocShort Format: Digital Video Length:1‘03″ Year:2012 The 798 Arts District is one of the coolest tourist spots in Beijing. Here tourists can visit several brilliant galleries, museums, as well as some fabulous restaurants, cafés and bars. The Arts District was…

The Big Screen on Street in Beijing

the Big Screen Genre:Experiment Short Format: Digital Video Length:1‘21″ Year:2008

Urban Mirage

Genre:Experimental Format: Digital Film Length:1‘30″ Year:2008

City Impulse: Energy of Unknown

City Impulse Genre:Experiment Short Format: Digital Video Length:2’45” Year:2002