iNGO Academy

Beijing Hutong

Genre:MV Format: Digital Film Length:1‘ Year:2018

Nane Bee Guests into the Arts Residency in Beijing

Genre: Visual Arts Music:Simon 7 Format: digital film Length:5‘28″ Year:2018 International expats and art lovers gathered in a urban village to share the culture diversity. Nanabee gonna find out what the interesting thing all about out of this activity. This…

Nanabee’s Long Shot Exploring Red Gate Residency Program

Genre:Documentary Short Format: Digital Video Length:6‘ Year:2017

a Spiritual Essentiality on brush strokes

Nanabee took a look at her exhibition and found out those brush- waving things were somehow similar to i+Media emblem, a silhouette of a creative in painting. It is a wonderful serendipity and worthy to share the information with our friend.

Nanabee Snapshots Barbara in Beijing!

Barbara is a narrator of her journey traveling around the world. Her artworks reflect all the contrasts that life is giving to us. With her techniques and intelligent presence she is always able to create harmony,in spite of quoted contrasts,a harmony what makes us really dreaming about

The world in a leaf, an Art Exhibition in Beijing we like!

Her paintings are distinctive in a way that grasps the shared charm and abstract likeness between leaves and the universe – sometimes human bodies – opening up a large space for imagination and deep thinking. The delicate changes of color ,tone and the composition of the pictures gives people a strong sense of space that stretches fluidly.