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Life of Art in Beijing

Do you consider coming over China for couple of weeks, even months? Would you like to develop a career or marketable skill while stay? But, where will be the start point? How about Beijing, the culture center, the head of dragon?

There are many many original art and culture activities in Beijing. If you are interested in urban venture or countryside discovery, things happen for a mind of innovation in concept, technology and art. Would that be the economy you’d like to get deeply involved? Maybe some saying is right that the education for a degree of knowledge and training for a advancement of skills . The state of art means the fine mixture from both. Past, now and future, this capital city has all open for you just like a textbook. Head down and bottom up, chances are for earnests to find out truth of oneself goodness!

How to achieve a fruitful journey in Beijing? Here is a suggestion. You can join art residency or expats’ workshop. You can also join Taosidency© opened to creativepreneurs. Anyway, in China, in new normal, you definitely will find one meaningful thing to engage and get benefited , especially for generation of digital nomad.

If you are a creative person, here is another suggestion for you. From intern to professional, starts form a registration and be one of valuable members.

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