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Nanabee’s Snapshot in Beijing!

Artist Barbara Piatti is back in Beijing. Nanabee joined her solo exhibition and snapshoot her and artworks called Snapshot. All these oil paintings were Barbara’s production during six weeks residency in 318 Art Zoon, Beijing.

Barbara is the narrator of her journey traveling around the world. Her artworks reflect all the contrasts that life could offer. With her techniques and intelligent, she is always able to create things in harmony against contrasts, a state that makes us really want to think about more times. From her strongly presented works, our longing for demands are waked up to share with others the artist’s unsaturated curiosity.

B.P. the painter,like she calls herself,but she is much more, a painter, philosopher and a contemporary traveler,but always an artist. Furthermore. she is a explorier of discovery.

Her paintings are talking about life, metropolis, islands, meeting with people. And, from another perspective, they are a diary of her quest that always looking for what could be the next!

more on her official site

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