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New Venue of Art and Culture in Beijing Called “Cookie House”

iNGO Academy launches new project Rural Mix 2019 the “Cookie House” to present original artworks from renown artists in China. The venue is took place in Rose Manor, an idyllic-styled compound at near countryside of Beijing. This will be a creative showcase to offer urbanized society an alternative choice on new concept of life style. It would also be a platform to promo value on  original craft works from humankind in the century of AI.

Curating by famous novelist Nana Bee, there are 12 artists invited in House to exhibit their artworks. Han Dong,Han Qing, Jiang Long, Yang Lu Feng, Yao Jia Kai, Wang Wei, Sha Ying, Duan Hog Chen, Qu Bi Ha Bu as well as Louis Wang.

The Belt & Road project will widely open the door for China to the world. People can enjoy the culture diversity by sharing difference and communicating new concepts in a right surrounding. That is why the Cookie House Showcase will uphold in a pastoral and nature friendly resort.

The RuralMix Project is a long-term working brand to help people understand nature aesthetic, environment protection and eco balance. Therefore, the theme of Cookie House Showcase is with these concepts in mind. All artworks in house, such as oil paintings, ink paintings, sculptures, designing, new media and films, will all match the theme.

Why name it the Cookie House? Somebody may ask.

“If you have a chance to watch the movie Matrix, the plots when Neo visits Oracle, you may wonder about why he keeps getting something like cookies from her. There are a lot of discussions about this already on the web. From my interpretation, it is a metaphor to bridge gaps of generation nicely. That is what the arts do for contemporary society.” said from Louis Wang the founder of iNGO Acadeny.

Rural Mix  The Cookie House will also be a culture fair of cinema, arts, adventure and treasure hunt. It is the sequel of project Winter Garden. People who are looking for something more creative than urban living come and join in to watch artworks and meet with real artists in person. It will be a great off-line experience that can enrich one’s life.

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