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On the road front towards A.R.T.S.

by Louis K Wang

In the summer of 2020, human’s life style changed forever due to a pandemic. Culture activity and economic system were reshaped. Suddenly a door opened for people to go on modernity with a new “operate system”. Could digital life of this century run on this way for everyone locally or globally? Is that a new genre of art? The question would be  answered by anyone who has had the solid experience on this kind of subject matter.

Arts is the core value of the culture for creative industry. We have been providing to netizen with artistic stuffs, which has also received some professionally cross-culture feedback. However, for the general public, what is art? This problem has been puzzling many people in around the world due to the differences in culture heritage, especially the arguments on contemporary art. So why not, let art speak for itself for todays’ human experience.

A Fashion expo refering to the concept art  of “the Winter Garden”

The, founded in New York in 1997, is a symbol of convergence on science and art. It was initially a practice platform for digital art, and then gradually expanded to the development of cultural and creative contents. Now it has gradually developed into the research of the Noosphere by means of arts. Over the past 20 years, through international cooperation, it has accumulated many high-end resources in modern art,films and television, including the production and activities of “Modeling Taiwan” 、 “Towards Indenpendency、「The Country」. Based on our field working experience in Beijing, we have established the concept of Rural Mix, an Neo-idyllic  life style, and hold several influential art events, such as “the Winter Garden” in a new large greenhouse, “Cookie House on a abandoned mansion and Autumn Fairy Tales” with iconic penguin family. Through art activities we were recommending new idea, an original paradigm for contemporary culture, to the international community as well as domestic civic society. Thanks to the feedback provided by news professionals from all over the world, we knew where our influence has reached. For example, Chanel’s 2018 Spring exhibition referred to the concept art of the “Winter Garden”, the “Cookie House” led the trend to transforming abandoned castles into art venue, and the cultural meme after “the Autumn Fairytale” also cited International attention(reference).

To be engaged in the excellence to help physical economy, especially in the realm of culture and innovation, we are focusing on production on edutainment for art education, encouraging people to think creatively for a better self. Let the reality rather than the emptiness to prove things. We hope to establish a benign demonstration and provide a reference for a new style of human’s life.

Curator Nana Bee and the concept art of penguin in “Autumn Fairy Tales”

On the turning point of civilization, much more good things based on Chinese philosophies can offer to make world better. Taosidency© is one of these programs for people to approach this theoretical basis. The framework constructed to develop the fourth industry is providing higher value returns to a diversified society.

Creativity, a word with multiple definitions, not only refers to the ability to create new things, but also refers to the ability to effectively recombine and use resources. Metaphysically, it is the ability to interpret abstract ideas, the key provided to open contemporary puzzle for people troubled by convention and to enable people finding solutions for both old and possible problems. From an economic point of view, creativity is a kind of renewable energy, and its inventory increases with the increase of usage. In addition, the competition in creative production is the driving force to encourage new production methods. Contemporary art is the entity that provides these references, which makes creative economy to establish a basic post. By promoting it to the society, it forms a consumer market, and by integrating it into the economy, it forms cultural assets. This is a complete set of high-end value preservation system in modern industrial society.

Prof. Louis K Wang

Art is the result of cultural hardening, the core values of human cognition, and also the creative products. Through art works, human beings in different cultural backgrounds can build up a base to communicate, which is the social function of art and the driving force of modern economy.

The evolution of history is just like it was thousands of years ago. The culture disputes are repeated again and again. Thanks to the vast number of scholars and artistic creators, the global ecology has a chance to resilience and pacify. In the era of the popularization of digital technology and artificial intelligence, the scope of contemporary art has expanded Almost all creative practices by human beings can be took as an art.

As early as the middle of the last century, the issue of environmental protection has become the concern of many advanced people. We have been on this road trying to help viewers restoring their lost soul that wore off by mechanical concept of modern society. Based on the main idea, just like the Silk Road in those days, we exchange not only commerce but also culture and art. The focus of China’s great rejuvenation in the 21st century is not the restoration of antiquity, but the innovation related to ecological balance.

For professionals, culture is the market, but for the general public, culture is a kind of attitude towards life. Cultures around the world are diverse but colorful. Artistic expressions are funny and cool. Why not let us keep following this road all way down to the hapiness?

The world is colorful and diversified for all individuals

We welcome friends who love life to become our members. Through good contemporary art, we can experience the truth, goodness and beauty of civilized life and understand the unknown possible world.


ps. The A.R.T.S. stands for Advocating Reformation Toward Sustainability.

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