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Penguin Family Enjoying an Art Tour in Beijing

An art tour of  experience originals 

The penguin family, on a long holiday, goes out of the cage-liked apartment in Zoo City . They wonders together to an idyllic rural area to feel the freedom of existence and breathe the fresh air. Since the fashion of plastic transformation prevails and the human migration to Mars is popular, there are not many natural things on Earth’s. They have a chance to be left alone together. The penguin family is very happy now. So they go to the origin place of Rural Mix to find some real artworks origin from China. The romance of autumn makes the penguin family happy, so it opens the archives of 2019 [Autumn Fairy Tales] and appreciates the stories that once belonged to humans world.

Funny Cool inside the Cookie House.

The inside and outside of human beings is an interesting subject matter, and the double-sided Face created by Wang Wei gives the topic a starting point. Dali’s surrealistic world is so cool and self-contained. Even distortion has the value of existence. Everything is inferior, so distortion can find its own meaning. The comdey created by Mr. Bean is funny in nonsense. However, there is always a warm part in his heart, which is reflected in the small details of his performance. Just like the little bear that is protected from time to time, it is a pursuit for simple and happy life style by this role. I hope that funny cool is the key combination of arts, bringing more joy and imagination. In addition, I can fall in love with myself and become an optimistic person.

A device receiving cosmic energy of resonance from sun and moon

This is a 1/20 prototype designing to put in the rural ecological environment. In addition to intercepting the information from the universe, it could be an attractive local landmark. It could also be an huge information sensory for public to communicate directly when meeting face to face. So that, people could feel the existence of art in ordinary life directly. This concept is the creation of Sun Ou inspired by his family role as a farther. The light of the sun is like that of the father, and the light of the moon is like that of the mother. Under the light and shadow of the sun and moon, their beloved children are carefully cared for. If this fashionable work stands in a forest, it’s like the feeling of parents holding up a sky for their children and feeling the energy. The small world under the sky is an exclusive amusement park.

A nature world observed from Far and near point of view

From far to near, the perspective of seeing things determines the cognitive world. Know someone. Learn new things. It’s all a process like this. From the perspective of distance, it has generated interest, opened the curiosity of exploration. Moves forward step by step, every meter staying for a while on current position, makes watching different from caring and discovering, and feels the driving force coming wiith the gain or loss in the process closely. To explore oneself is like the creation of this painting. Go ahead alone and find out the uniqueness of yourself. Among all living beings, individuals exist in a small corner of the whole landscape. But the unique feature is the observation angle, the composition of beautiful scenery, any single scenery is meaningful because of different interpretation angles. This series artworks “from far to near trees” is composed of four parts by artist Sun Kan. It depicts a tree from far to near in the early autumn along the Changbai Mountain. In addition to letting the genral public appreciate the meaning from all angles in the painting, it also extends the feeling of inner world through liberal idea.

Ancient metaphor of angel’s love

There is a old story about a rebellious angel carves God’s plan on a facet of mountain cliff to let those mortals have chance to understand something from spiritual beyound. However, the good intentions offense the law of heaven, the angel suffered severe punishment from the God. Looking at the mountain peak from afar is like an island floating on the canvas, standing there, luring people to walk closer to it, looking for the hidden scrolls on the surface; you can get a small part of the story on the mountain cliff, and understand the secrets of divine from past. In this “Green Mountain”, maybe you can recall a poem you read, or a favorite novel, jumping into another space to compose a plot that belongs to youself. In April 2018, Wang Lifeng’s work “Green Mountain” appeared on the huge screen of New York Times Square, providing the beauty of Chinese concept for the city known as the world’s melting pot. Wang Lifeng and his green mountains bring the world a fairyland of Chinese culture.

Binary energy expressed by wave of black & white

What is the shape of energy in nature? Artist Zhang Chaohui’s artworks in new ink style, light and shadow effect with binary black and white, are respectively to construct “rabbit hole”, “light salvation” and “energy wave”. For example, the black-and-white duality of Taiji is not monotonous, but a kind of quiet exploration. In this series of black-and-white works, let people slow down the internal rhythm, talk with the original emotions, and experience the fairy tales in black-and-white. Is the black hole going on darkness to the end, or showing the brightness because of absorbing light from all sides?

Love encounters psychedelically

In autumn night, Sanlitun is so colorful that it makes people more beautiful under neon light and shadow. But beautiful flowers badly need free air, sunshine and water. Youth is just like a flower, colorful but short-lived. In the face of reality, love can’t give youth time to think slowly. The expectation behind the window, the wandering in the street, the lonely waiting and the departure from the airport, those images constitute the key cinema scene of a love story, whether it starts or ends. Lyric narration is a very important element in Han Qing’s works. Many plot can be revealed by his artworls. The city’s infatuation and rural landscape are described in the new impressionist style.

Lighthouse with recycled materials

The continuous rotation of the earth urges the none-stop progress of the era in humans history. Is master of this planet lost in the chaos of misfit? Biochemical transformation for appearance, over consumption of natural resources, immigration to Mars, invention of A.I. bots as replacement, and imbalance of ecological system, all of these issues are focused on artworks by emerging artist Yang Lufeng. He once again takes the concept of environmental protection as the theme, with a little fairy tale and humor in mind on his works to remind us to pay attention to the issue of ecological balance and take good care of our living environment. The work is like the perspective of a sailor on a long voyage, telling about his connection with the ocean. Besides being humorous and interesting, it takes straw as one of the materials for creation, and also means the recycling application of materials. A beacon leading the way may be exactly what the lost giant ship needs in the era!

An American boy’s journey in China

The world is so big, I want to go outside hometown. This is the dream of many young people. Young people go abroad to pursue their own future, walking on the streets of foreign countries, sometimes the loneliness or nostalgia is on the way of sadness. Alan Salaski, a young American artist, entered the mision of Dunhuang restoration. In Beijing, a city full of historical charms and modern attraction, he opened up his mind and entered a new experiencing mood. In “Autumn Fairy Tales”, he displayed the perception of four seasons reflecting the loneliness and joy of his first year in China.

After experiencing the original creations from humans, the penguin family of three members found that human beings are not as bad as the legend told. By the end of that day, they returns to their Zoo City with satisfaction and continue to live with happiness and ordinary carefree life style.


Welcome to play with penguin family. If you want to collect any of their activities, you can contact us for further information.

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