Reboot and upgrade the humans operating system

Today’s digital technology inevitably drives the development of globalization. All mobile phones have a set of operating systems (OS) to  function normally, whether it’s Android, IOS, or the upcoming Hongmeng. If we compare the universe to a virtual reality, following the tech-concepts of hardware and software, the culture is an OS based on human’s language system. Different culture composes  different OSs for people to have a set of standard platform for normal daily life.

The OS needs to take some time to learn, some through practical training, some through hard-learning to understand the sources code and  join the ranks of developer for task of version upgrade. The evolution of human civilization keeps seeking sustainable development, just like the continuous development and upgrading of the OS, to provide  humans world an optimized lifestyle and ensure that the resources of survival are not scarce. But many humans OSs either ignore these issues or fail in developing.

In humans history, every time the OS was replaced, there has had a period of chaos. Just like after the mobile phone is upgraded, we are worry about whither or not everything will still work well once the phone is rebooted. The new version also needs to take time to get used to , understand where is the core value of the upgrade and whether it is easy to use and so on. So as to cultivate handy habits and find ways to get along with new interface. However, as time goes by, if you don’t learn fast enough or give up learning, this OS may turn obsolete again. It will be another process of version updating. If the software and hardware do not match, it will be the beginning of nightmare and the conflict of mental  crash.

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The 21st century has brought unprecedented progress in population, technology, economy and environment, but also brought unprecedented crisis, including the fact that human beings have overdrawn the carrying capacity of the earth’s biosphere, making the current operating system unable to maintain smooth operation. However, the crisis has also brought unprecedented opportunities, including the realization of global communication and the common search for a truly peaceful coexistence. However, due to the current crisis and turning point, many people try to patch up the current problems through the development of patches in different periods of history, but they do not know that the contemporary hardware can not run those outdated software.

Now, the biggest obstacle to the realization of a mature world  is the mechanical concept of society built up for young generation. This is because the driving forces of population, technology and economy do not match the real environment they create. The core challenge of today’s era is how to seek the way to upgrade. It includes the creation of a common understanding, the development of a fair, better and universal operating system that supports the whole of humans suitable for the present and future.

All humans cultures share a view of symbiosis with nature. Those OSs that have survived for the longest time have accepted this set of core values. Humans are often prisoners of the old mindset. The increasing complexity of the current world requires a higher level guidance to seek the balance between internal  and external development.

Now the accumulation of science and technology can destroy the whole planet in a few minutes, but it can also provide the upgrade of the operating system effectively. This is an option, which is not as difficult as thought. It’s like putting down your work and pressing the upgrade option on your mobile. In fact, life is like this, expanding life in choice, learning experience, changing the trajectory of life movement.

Some humans are in a state of growing and developing all the  time, while others are stagnant. Their essence has nothing to do with aging, but with daily habits and attitudes. Unfortunately, some people, under mild stress, shock or uncertainty, stop the chemical reactions that produce these upgrades. Perhaps the best driving force is exercise, all kind of exercise including arts and sports. When people exercise, they will keep their body and mind open, which will make the body capable to bear slight pressure. The ideal situation is to enjoy over expectation, so that the body and mind can adjust to accept higher external stimulation for easily  accept new operating system.

Humans live in a world of constant change and escalation. At the same time, a large part of the population is aging. Does age affect people’s ability to adopt or upgrade skills? In most cases, the answer is No. Only psychological factors affect the desire to learn, often lose the opportunity to grow and update.

In the past, globalization regarded nature as a platform for competing for resources and made the ecosystem subordinate to economic development. A smart operating system would link the economic operation harmoniously with the natural ecosystem. The new technology, especially the interactive platform, can make the linear mechanical hierarchy transition to the symbiotic organization hierarchy provided by nature.

Therefore, we should first optimize the core values of the future. All species are naturally intelligent and tend to follow a natural life cycle, extending from aggressive competition to mature cooperation. Human beings are embedded in a living Earth, and the earth is embedded in a living universe, forming a big universe with different spheres. This world of unity is at the turning point of collapse and reformation. The constitution of a ritual will help them navigate through the rough wind and waves. As conscious creative entrepreneurs to make choices  together will determine those who will go to destruction or return to the path of sustained prosperity and development.

When the humans operating system is rebooted after this pandemic, it will also be the time to upgrade, from family to community, to ecosystem and then to all circles of life on the Earth. Why not let the world has more operations systems available for people with different preferences to choice?  It is expected that the principle of sustainability can be realized towards a better world. The shared destiny of human beings will reach all aspect of real life in the near future.

instructed by Prof. Louis K Wang

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