the Collection of Arts

Rural Chronicle: The Change of Pastoral Life

Genre: Documentary
Format: Digital Film
Length: 4’35“
Year: 2007

Leaving the familiar city, leaving behind the  noisy and bustling streets, came to a green place. For people living in cities, such green and blue skies are expensive and luxurious.
Going out is no longer a convenience store, no large department stores, supermarkets, no mass transit; people and cars in the streets, shops, novelty advertising, fashionable and fancy fashion, become a distant memory. All are replaced by the early morning sunshine, the concerto of ear bugs and songbirds; walking along the boulevard, breathing fresh air, clean and fresh oxygen bar, giving the lungs and body a Fenduo SPA.
The chance of life, can not find rules in the schedule. Last year, something unpredictable and unpredictable happened in my life. I moved to the countryside and succumbed!
There are no big supermarkets, but there are fresh fruits and vegetables produced directly by farmers. Fresh green vegetables, tender red tomatoes and sweet corn, as well as tender and juicy peaches, crisp and sweet pears, are the latest fresh.
Slowly I get used to walking in the morning, reading in the cool shade of the afternoon, eating fresh juicy fruit. In the evening, I watched the sunset all over the sky, welcomed the arrival of stars, had tea and snacks in the moonlight garden, and looked at the twinkling stars.
Friends living in the city, invited to visit are happy to say that I live in a paradise. They like to come to our countryside on holidays, do forest baths with us, breathe fine, do natural SPA.
They like the feeling of being away from the noise. The trees, flowers, blue sky and white clouds are picturesque. They like to relax in our Rose Garden, chat, drink and talk about the past, and have a relaxed idyllic weekend holiday.
I still go back to the city from time to time, but I can’t stay too long. Because I will miss the fresh air, the singing of birds, the clear blue sky, and the air with the scent of grass blown by the wind.
The convenient function of urban life has become my occasional leisure. Most of the time, I can live happily and comfortably in pastoral life. With the convenience of the Internet, I can still keep the pulse of my connection with the world and be a citizen of the earth at ease.
I wasn’t aware of my change, but friends said I was getting younger and lighter.
I think this is probably the biggest harvest of pastoral life since it!
So you are also welcome to join such an idyllic life and live a simple happy life.