Scenes belong to the City

by Nana Bee

Every city has a place that people can’t forget to go back. It’s full of complicated stories. If we lose the context, it’s hard to understand the connotation of the city and lost in the neon fluxes.

Down Town of Urban Vortex by Michael Downs , -Acrylic-and-enamel on canvas and wood/ 143×100 x 65 cm

The afterglow of the sunset is the first navigation of night with the pink, orange and yellow. Taking off camouflage of the daytime and putting on the red, dark and purple pace, people are ready to release the accumulated pressure in the body at night.

Neon flickers to match with the pace of pedestrians. Streets are lit up to welcome the arrival of night. All sources of light connect seamlessly.

Once entering the night, those mysterious venues exude great charms and attract the souls outside the city to swarm into the core and gather freedomly for pilgrimage.

On the road junction under the big screen, the world is too artificial to feel truth. Walking along a jump street to feel fanatical youth full with dreams, the mood is for envy to remorse lost youth. However,t. once leaving a city, those feelings are just gone with the wind, leaving an impression of memory preserved as a post card.Only the city that has lived in can completely occupy your heart.

Tang Dynasty the Rock Band / Artist: Zhao Bin / acrylic painting 120x80cm

People living in Beijing have to admit that once they enter the night, Sanlitun is the huge light source in the darkness, calling the people of the whole world to join watching or being watched, in a perform of short film on live depicting illusions of young energy.

Crowded city is mixed with ambiguous temptation 、 perfume and aggressive smell, blurred but sexy. People who visit a strange city for the first time must be curious about what happened downtown. In the undefended central area, countless souls are attracted to participate to spend, to squander, to be excited, to be lonely, to be lost, to be happy or sad, to be countless nobody. Sensitive you can also smell all kinds of odors diffused in the air.

Lost in Sanlitun NO2 / Artist: Han Qing / oil on canvas 110x150cm

The complex feelings and different stories of each city can be expressed in the light of night that may belong to you and me who once lived there. People used to love each other and hate each other. Did they seek true love or just for temporary happiness?

Dose the urban mirage under the prosperity has the dream of youth or the expectation of future? Or it is just a stage to feel alive for old timers? The bustle is still the same. The loneliness and alienation curl up. The warmth and comfort, the passion and desire, the strangers enlighten all kinds of emotions released simultaneously.

The soul of the same frequency attracts each other. The resonant emotion slowly approaches. In the deep night, it interacts and consoles. Even though passing by accidentally, people can give each other a warm smile. Is a short blessing that to show understanding of each other’s inner desires against external differences?

Every city should have a story for the travelers who know how to participate. Every story should have theme music. Then there should be a plot about to be premiere or about to end in every episode. Who will be the protagonist?

Standing in front of the fountain when the giant screen is playing a nostalgia movie with the light and background music, absentmindedly fluctuating and excitedly flustering, it is the for the beats of inner world. Each scene with all beautiful images in heart make souls collide and thoughts float there has a specific visual interpretation.

Go Downtown by LKWARTS

Those stories that have  happened in the city can be experienced by people who are destined to come over before these scenes. However, it’s better not to hang around for too long. it would be veryeasy to lost self for persons who have not been ready well.

Welcome to exchange yout impression about a city. If you want to participate or work with art world, you can also contact us for further advice.

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