Taosidency© opens a new path to liberty

by Louis K Wang

Humans are liberated from the fixed working environment in the digital age. Through the Internet, everyone can easily peep into different worlds and get a remote sense. It is a new journey for all who are care about culture diversity in modernity. However, will the convenience of surfing online dwarf the physically travel? Would conventional travels around the world be a meaningless recreation to do?

Obviously not! For some perspective, nomadic life is an journey to grow up, leaving from comfortable zone for a venture of novelty. If you still do the same thing as normal while traveling to a new place, the entire trip will be even worthless  than watching a travel channel at home. Without touching with reality, anything new won’t be a helper to turn on fresh cognition, let alone any enlightened or self-awakened.

Monk Walking Between Trees (32X41cm ) by Andrew Fish  when his residency in Beijing

In addition to relaxing the body and mind, the journey to a far land can also level up horizon of view; calibrate the perception of visions, and learn some long-lost indigenous wisdom after urbanization. Of course, for people who are full of creativity and love to explore, experiencing these stuffs in person are really attractive sports.

Humanity is going in a nature way to contribute goodies to the ecologic world. In fact, each one can be some sort of artist in a way to produce charm attraction just as a bird singing in a woods.. It is also an art doing to have a wonderful life. It is also a happy thing to find the right art form that belongs to individual awareness system , especially in the future of artificial intelligence. Life will be released from the mechanic pace of living. Many traditional industries are about to upgrade or transform, so the jobs generated in the early industrialization will change.

Do you like challenges? If it is found that the soul is way beyond the vocational cage, life needs a new journey of discovery. Whether short-term or long-term, it is not like a online game to find a ladder up to a heaven and visit one’s own god. Let a real life journey reward a real person by means of investing on a worthy trips and questing into  the realm of idea.

A Page of Art Portfolio in Residency in Beijing by Hans Van Weeren

In the era of technology convenience, geography location is no more an obstacle for people to find a truth and experience amazing things. The residency of arts is not only for the emerging art workers but also an option for people who want to get rid of the boring life. Through the diversity of arts you can take an safe adventure to a cultural area you are not familiar with. You can live in a compound with a group of friends, from all over the world, with funny & cool idea. You can integrate youself into a local life, learn about the folk characteristics, explore the wonders, try various regional cuisines, visit the studios of local art creators or join workshop to enjoy a privilege of being a creator. It is also a meaningful expedition to explore the local ecological environment, share ideas with others through diversify artfacts, and find another inner self that you have never met before. It is also a wonderful experience to witness the existence of life.

An conceptual art in exhibition in Beijing

In Beijing, there are many travelers from domestic and abroad whose purpose of visiting is not only for business but also for at culture and art. They seek creative idea through art and leave something done as their living evidence. In the resident period in Beijing, they didn’t go to fashionable shopping malls because too over-whelming to time-wasting . They didn’t insist on eating luxury food because too fancy to taste the originals. They visit local alley by streets, chat with folks to hear their real voice or explore various historical sites. Even small shops are  like bonanzas for treasure hunting.

Because of engaging in education of arts, I am particularly sensitive to cultural differences and folklore. I think a short trip can help relaxing and adjusting mood. However for upgrading stage of life and experiencing authentication, long-term residence is the best way to do. Art-watching is such a way of mind-traveling. An art residency is a new idea and a good investment to choose for a better self and cultivate self-identity. The trip therefor is no more to consume but to create. I recommend a life journey of this fashion.

To take advantage of digital economy and depart from a conventional life, as much as hero in Trueman Show. Escaping normal life and diving into arena of cultural diversity, you are turning to be a creative person. The life can be more interest, meaningful and texture. Then, the Taosidency is a project to provide a hero’s journey for the generation growing up in the standardized education. In the name of arts to rewire brain from other linguistic system,  residents can explore nature born talent in creative workshops, becoming versatility and productive together to learn from surreal imagination. It is the right thing to do, making marks by art as a medal of honor to the memory of nomadic life thousands miles away from home.

Taosidency 2022 is back. If you like to know more detail about how to join, please register as a member!

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