What is humanity at the age of A.I.

Believe it or not, it should be gradually understood in this era. In fact, everyone is the crystallization of cosmic energy, with different shapes and temperaments. Through the edification and education of culture, they behave differently in their society and establish different social status.

According to the theory of multi-intelligence, the way of interpreting information differently  by people. Some people are good at absorbing specific symbols. Some are used to abstract information. Some can sense things from super nature. These diversity and differences may be simplified and ignored in the development of the whole society for the sake of collective interests, so as to meet the needs of organizational functions, such as cramming system The purpose of formal education is to modernize economic development, so people are trapped in established disciplines, qualified people enter the job market, become a member of the production team, unqualified people will be eliminated, many people with different potential, because the development of civilization is not in place, the “professional market” needed is not mature, in order to conform to the existing learning rules of the system, many non ordinary people fail to obtain The opportunity to receive appropriate guidance, or to distort or suppress the potential for enrollment and employment, just like wearing shoes with big feet, will cause many maladjustments in the future, so-called psychological problems will arise, and people will not be happy, or they will be anesthetized by the desire for consumption, or they will suffer from illness.

China’s civilization has developed into a system of its own, but in the past hundred years, its concept of development has lagged behind, and even civilization has developed “characteristics”. In order to establish a platform for communication with other advanced societies in the world, learn from experience, learn scientific knowledge, refer to the political system and social development rules, and form an education system, but due to different cultural traditions, the overall development of the environment is too fast Fast or too slow, the transplanted values, for the individual of the whole society, if they do not comb out their personal characteristics, optimize their understanding ability, only understand the world from the mass media, and rely on the assembly line education mode, such a cultural impact, more or less, produces some maladjustment phenomenon, resulting in many lost souls.

The influence of artificial intelligence and digital technology has completely transformed the evolution of human civilization. The spread of culture and social development have been globalized. We are in the era of a community of shared future for mankind. Information of various values impacts everyone in the current society. For a diversified society, a decentralized value system, how to maintain physical and mental health and explore as early as possible Self potential will be an indispensable learning experience method.

Just as the rise of the theory of college education uselessness in Europe and the United States, A.I. will become the mainstream force of science and knowledge education in the future. The education service platform constructed by the iNGO Academy under Professor Wang Louie’s academic practice provides choice opportunities, takes art as the starting point of the internal exploration journey, helps the family to find the way to explore themselves, and opens everyone’s potential of the times. Through learning and practice, we can make the cognition that has been in the system education environment, retrieve the delicate and unique appreciation cells, accumulate the conditions of happiness for our reunion, and the value and significance of existence. (China pastoral series 2020 plan)

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