The Life of Art with Jiaozi

Long time no see! How are you? How long have not got a chance to do a nice meal off-line with friendly people? How about let’s  try to do jiaozi together?

But, what is jiaozi exactly?

Jiaozi is a kind of dumpling. It’s  also a traditional cuisine in China, epecially for the northern Chinese. It is a ritual to welcome holidy by having a meal of jiaozi together. During the past, family gathered up to make a nice jiaozi dinner to celebrate just like the Thanksgiving Day to America. However, the skill of hand-made Jiaozi is dwindling due to the mass produced food by machine in super markets. People just need to buy a huge pack of frozen jiaozi and boil with water at home. The appetite is thus fulfilled. But, some flavor and human touch are missing when you eat this kind of Jiaozi. What a lost in the culture heritage!

A jiaozi looks simple but withhold a lot of wisdom, skills and technics. The way to make dough , select ingredients for fillings and shape look are all important factors to contribute the art of jiaozi. Traditionally, the elders used to put a coin into a filling and wrap it up with dough, to make a blessed jiaozi . It is just like making a fortune cookie, having a message inside. The jiaozi with coin then was put back in with others. After boiling, a grand meal of jiaozi was ready, everybody came up around table and eat. The luckiest person of fthr group was the one who had got the chance to pick out that jiaozi containing a coin. This was a sign of  good fortune waiting ahead.

Believe it or not, after a journey from the East, Marco Polo brought the art of jiaozi back to Italy and created the version of his own called  “ravioli”.

Anyway, no matter what professional or business  you are engaging in right now, if you have a opportunity, it is a worthy while experience to teamwork with friends to do jiaozi workshop. It will be a good chance to express yourself and meet with real person by making jiaozi with hands and sharing with each other.

Are you will to try this kind of luxury event with us at the age of AI? It is a bonus of the Taosidency© Project!

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