Exo Meme

the Lost Alien on Earth, Bobou!

Space travelers of higher intelligent outside the Earth stored some important goodies in humans world, just like hiding treasures. As long as they have a chance to pass by, they will come again to check up the storage whether sound or safe.

Bobou is an intern of expedition team. He traveled to the Earth with his instructors. Unfortunately, their space vehicle crashed accidentally. He was the only survivor, caught by human force and locked down in quarantine district 51!

Bobou luckily managed to escape, only to find that the human world was not the same as that in the textbooks when he was studying with those aristocrats of his planet. He was so confused, but curious.

Beside hiding from the pursuit of men in black, he continued to explore in this strange world, as a lost alien.

However, he still wanted to complete the unfinished mission. Has he succeeded?

At least through Doodle, an A.I. bot, we have a chance to know a little bit about Bobou.

Welcome to play with Doodle. If you want to collect any of its report, you can contact us for further information.

Note: Bobou plays role in the”Subtown League” created by Louis K Wang back to 1997. Due to the Great Lockdown 2020, LKW got a chance to find the lost footage and re-mastered to share with animation lovers.



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