2021 the Year All About Cattle

by Nana Bee

Why cattle ranked second in the 12 zodiac animals, after rat?  Here, I got a story about that!

What’s Going on above sky by Yan KeFu & Guillaume Cadilhac Composite materials /91 x 65 cm 2020

It was said that when the Lord created the environment for humans, according to the laws of celestial bodies, 12 indicators were set out, and a symbolic animal was arranged every year, so as to create a multicultural vibe every year. As for how to list, the Lord of heaven sent out a message to all animals and birds, inviting them to race for these indicators.

All things are Cattle No. 1 by Chen  WenLing,  stainless steel / 810 x 2200 x 480 cm  2012-2014

Animals and birds were very exciting to hear this news and would like to participate. However, some were intimidated right away after knowing a Big River between heaven and earth. It would be too difficult to cross over that water. The tricky rat was the first reacting to this message ambitiously. It wanted to earn a name but unable to be done by itself.

Oracle by Sun Oue,  stainless steel with hand painting / 63 x 35 x 18 cm 2019

Therefore, for the golden list of indicators, rat persuaded its good friend cattle the buffalo that was able to swim to go alone with. Cattle was convinced and willing  to go together, waiting by the riverside for rat. They were about  to swim across the Big River. When cattle stepped into the water, rat right away jumped on cattle’s  back. While the honest and earnest cattle swimming across the River, rat acted like a captain on board, yelling, cheering and waving, When they were about to reach the shore, before cattle set its feet on the dry land to shake off wet from body, rat had jumped off its back and run straight toward the end, for the first indicator of the 12 Zodiac. After cleaning up body, cattle followed behind and got the second indicator. As for other animals, they have intertsting stories of their own. Let’s talk about them later on!

The Childhood of Cattle by Ma Wei, mineral pigments with ink on rice paper/ 50 x 50 cm  2020

There was another legend about cattle. When the Lord of Heaven learned that the honest cattle had kindly offered a help to rat crossing over the River, he decided to assign cattle a mission that act as a messenger of heaven to humans of the ground. Cattle got the job to deliver oracle between god and humans.

Survival Ox Ball by Samer Roumani, bronze&wood /38 x 38 x 11 cm  2020

One day, the head of humans was worrying about how many meals a day would be considered properly for a civilizing and regular society. So he asked cattle for an instruction from heaven. After had the inquiry, the Lord of Heaven calculated and told cattle to reply that two meals a day would be enough. The simple and honest cattle turned its body around and prepared to return ground to deliver oracle. However, perhaps drunk too much the night before last, coupled with  physical fatigue caused by crossing  River, cattle got a weak legs when walking down the hall. It accidentally fell off the stairs and rolled all the way to the river shore. What an embarrassment for a messenger of heaven. Cattle dared not to speak out, quietly put itself together and rushed to the ground, to issue the God’s words. But when arriving at the location for humans to listen oracle, it’s brain was confused by the tumbling. Whether to eat two meals or three meals a day that the Lord has told him? That’s a question!  After hesitation, cattle finally spoke out to humans ”eat three meals a day”. As a result, the convention of “three meals a day” soon became a normal around the human’s world.

Buffalo by Situ XiaoChun, bronze casting with heat coloring / 20 x 18x 9 cm  2021

When the heaven knew about this phenomenon, the Lord was furious and worried about that humans’ big appetite would consume all nature resource of his Eco-system. There would be no more enough food for humanity to eat. So the Lord blamed cattle of passing the wrong instruction. Cattle was thus punished by the Lord of heaven and demoted to the ground to be a helper on farming, to work hard to redeem itself and to producing more food to meet the need of extra meal. Under this arrangement by Lord of Heaven, cattle went down to the earth and became a necessary being by farmhouse. Humanity has been saved from hungry with sustainable treatment of lands and staple growing on the ground. Cattle worked hard to amend silently what it has made, accompanying humans to do irrigation and farming.

Life and Growth in Nature by Zhang Dan , Paper ink/28 x 22 cm  2008

Last year is year of the rat as the plot in the folk lore stated above. A new virus that affected the whole world made great changes in human life as swift as rat. In addition to the heavy setback in economy and lifestyle, humans step into an age of new normal. After all the haste and confusion, the cattle theme has arrived. Look, the reliable creature! Will the former messenger of heaven help us to correct mistakes and reset a new vibe again?

Bull Market by Alan Skalaski , digital painting / 3000×3000 pixels  2021

If someone got a feel like a guinea pig for an experiment to develop new things, that’s the illusion of rat year. It’s the transformation of redemption that pushed by year of cattle the ox. Such as the bull in the bullring, fearless and courageous fighting. Like Taurus, the market will soar to the peak. I also hope you will be like red bull, energy supporting, never power off, and stick to dream.

the Cow by Zhanf Gou, Fan,  pen drawing / 17 x 8 cm 1980

The professional artists always have such a strong spirit to create something to inspire humanity. No matter how chaotic the world is, they can carry on a pace and work load from heart. Even though the message has been misinterpreted, arts of creatives will eventually fuse gaps peacefully in mind of humans, communicate with the world through works, and transmit wishes to the heaven.

In the year of cattle, I share folklore that I knew about cattle and curate artworks I liked from creatives to showcase a theme supporting imagination. Please enjoy and share with your love one.  Only when you appreciate arts, you will find that humans are actually in a same world and feel the energy from implication in the year.

a Beautiful Cow of Spring Field  by Jiang Long, sculpture with pine & resin/ 120 x 20 x 20 cm  2012

As for how to deal with everything after reset? Perhaps just push the panic button.  Come in the world with giant cattle across a big river towards sustainability in a more bullish way. Happy 2021!

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