Untamed, the Sky Red and Pink Red

Genre:Surreal Short
Format: Digital Film

Never stop the blue ocean, full of infinite temptation.
Sky red the kite has been flying with the wind,
it carries people’s enthusiasm and vitality, floating above.
Fly with the wind, looking at an endless coastline,
blue sky, indigo sea, green coastline and white waves,
On the beach, a red pink becomes a touch of all.
Red and blue is the best contrast.
Pink red the little girl blocks pieces of stone stacked into a small tower,
The other stones seem shouting,” Choose me! Choose me! “
They want to have a chance to fly into the big blue,
tired of being as rocks along the sea shore.

The little girl kept throwing stones into the sea, playing with the ocean,
in such a way to communicating with the waves.

When the waves want to response with a hug, she was too shy to escape,
fearing for the enthusiasm of the waves,
accidentally bring her away,
No way to find the home back.

The Sky Red the kite flies above with adventure mind,
along the coastline,
overlooks the humankinds
and enjoys the panoramic view.

Playing on the coast is the little girl and
flying in the sky is the kite.
Happy without worry anything,
unrestrained between the sky and sea,
They embrace the nature,
the real freedom thus come.

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