Water Republic

by Nana Bee

Title:Rippling series No.1 by Yang Lufeng size: 80x100cm   3,050 USD

Since ancient times, human existence has been closely related to “water”. In the biochemical reactions in human body, water is the main medium, and it is also a participant of metabolism. In nature world, trickles of water form a river, a lake, a sea, a vapor, a floating cloud, a rain and dew. This whole cycle is an ecosystem that breeds many lives and makes all things live forever. So it can be said that there is water, there is life.

Most of the earth is covered by sea water. The nature relies on the water circulation system to operate. The sea water evaporates to be clouds traveling around the sky ,  cooling to be rain, and falling to the ground for human beings as well as all things. With the development of urbanization in human society, the water used in agriculture or industry is sent back to the reservoir after manual treatment, forming the artificial water cycle.

Title:Rippling series No.2 by Yang Lufeng size: 80x100cm  3,050 USD

In the city, the tap water after chemical treatment is used by people through large and small pipeline to wash the filth. After that, the water is collected through sewers and underground tunnels. After step-by-step  recycling process, it returns to the tap again. The whole process allows the water to remove the harmful substances, but it also gathers resentment of the city. How can people drink it healthily? That is another issue.

Title:Rippling series No.3 by Yang Lufeng size: 80x100cm  3,050 USD

Now a new group of scientific research claims that the electromagnetic force of water is a kind of memory, which can record the ecological journey. Different water crystals have different patterns. Various kinds of water have their own life cycle. Mountain spring water is living water, closed urban circulating water is dead water. Living water and dead water are both water, but the ability to help healing power  of human body is not the same!

Title:Rippling series No.4  by Yang Lufeng size: 80x100cm   3,050 USD

Water is the most important resource of life on earth, but many people neglect its existence and abuse it, which threaten the water that takes more than 70% of the Earth. For example, in recent years, the extreme climate caused by greenhouse effect makes the water cycle system in the natural ecology change dramatically, such as extreme floods and droughts occurring frequently. The uneven distribution of water, the serious imbalance between supply and demand of water resources, as well as human waste and pollution, make the clean water resources an critical global issue.

Title:Rippling series No.5 by Yang Lufeng size: 80x100cm   3,050 USD

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations also pointed out that the fresh water resources needed for daily drinking, industrial development and agricultural use will confront serious deficiencies in the future. Now, it is the time to fight for water rightness in art of life.

Title:Rippling series No.6 by Yang Lufeng size: 80x100cm   3,050 USD

This online exhibition is for the Ocean Day 2020. The artworks above are series oil paintings made by emerging artist Yang Lufeng. He shows his care of water in detail observation on the facets of interface.  If you would like to collect and keep the value, please contact  and join our membership program.



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