the Collection of Arts

Why the Autumn Fairy Tale

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Rural Mix Project in Beijing, thrived in the imagination of the globalization, has developed the concept of sustainability. Rural Mix is the international term of idyllic idea. It originated from Louis K Wang’s movement to Beijing and experience of original movies, music and art in China. Through ever-changing public exhibition and constantly promoting different ways of life experience, Rural Mix is finding a way to exchange and innovate philosophic ideas of modern world.

It is just like a good movie with the hope trying to composite and mix new concept, performance, fashion, music and exhibition modes to promote deeper understanding. The Winter Garden and Cookie House of Pastoral Art are venues to exhibit interdisciplinary arts for life in Beijing where creative activities take place. It is said that with the support of many woods, one can gain real inspiration from the noosphere.

Louis K Wang and Nana Bee had experienced twelve years of pastoral art life, which will provide people a good reference of how to enjoy better life in the digital age. With different-disciplined communication arts, such as films, videos, dramas, photography, painting, printmaking, collages, magazines, fashion design and installation, stories were told automatically to people of different cognitive circles.

The artists who come in house are Wang LiFeng,Zhang Zhaohui,Han Qing,Sun Ou,Wang Wei,Sun Kan,Yang LuFeng & Alan Skalaski. They present their amazing artworks in a venue where is a right place to show their wonderful charms, just as knights to a castle of some middle-age fairy tales. Welcome to be the one to collective their remarkable creations.

Believe it or not. Things Happen. All those stories will become collective consciousness for the future development in human history.