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Ruralmix 2017:Winter Garden was held successfully


This project is our effort, throught art exhibition, to bring Eco-aesthetics and concept of sustainability to main stream of Beijing.  “RuralMix” is a brand of long-termed experiment of culture and art to quest for new way of life style at the digital age. After good communication, we worked with local government agents and business corporations to make the presentation happen The theme of  idyllic rural-looked place  in a new construction named “ Winter Garden”, a huge greenhouse where capable of  hosting culture events  all year long. Ruralmix is a platform to  help new technologies, concepts and educational programs to communicate with the conventional society, both domestically and internationally. It wouldl be a opportunity for general public to understand what new things comes up in the world.

The initiation of this project came with an opening of  art exhibition and a symposia. There is  a goal to develop this venue into a place dedicated for learning of sustainability.

This project is led by founder of iNGO Academy, Prof. Louis K Wang. We welcome all who like the concept of A.R.T.S.(Advocate Reformation Toward Sustainability) to participate in this project, sharing creativity and experience with each other  in Beijing.

From December 9th to 16th , Rural Mix 2017 Art Exhibition organized by Louis Wang’s  iNGO Academy was upheld successfully to general public  In the countryside of Beijing, a Eco-friendly village named Beilangzhong.

The opening ceremony of the art exhibition is at 2:00pm . Most artists and many VIPs attended the exhibition. It’s a unexpected success. In addition to the active participation of the general public, local government agents also came to visit and learn.

The art exhibition held in a newly built large-scaled greenhouse inside the flower center of Beilangzhong . The theme of the exhibition matched with the green concept of ecological development. Apart from the vegetation and flowers, there were also artworks from contemporary artists of considerable international reputation. Based on research there is a  tendency of moving advanced culture development  to the countryside and revitalizing the rural area in China. Ruralmix wanted to make aesthetics of nature a culture power to close the gap between urban and suburban. Arts and nature could inspire people to do something good.for our shared world. This exhibition have presented a cultural and creative atmosphere to the local community.

In today’s mobile generation full with VR/MR games, this kind of event could also persuade people go outdoor and enjoy the blue sky or beauty of real nature world.

The art exhibition, based on the innovative approach to make culture cross-over, was curated by well-known novelist Nanabee who brought high-quality artworks from renowned artists such as Wang Li-feng, Han Qing, Kim Namo, Sun Ou and Yang Ming-ru. Meanwhile, Louis Wang introduced his documentary “the Country  aka. Pastoral Decade“ to tell a story about his experiment to live in a modernized rural area in Beijing.

Let the seeds of art spread on the land of rural area,. Let the good culture continue to take root deeply and grow strongly for better future of humanism.