What is Project ARTS ?

The unbalances Eco-system and unstable economy make the world need a major cultural adjustment. ARTS is the acronym of Advocating Reformation Towards Sustainability. It is our culture creatives project  to make leads and helpers for connecting public societies. It is a movement about how to close  the knowledge gaps and share culture diversity.The humanity, the nature environment and life upgrading are also vital, in a this new age, to respond the 17 goals from UNESCO, Our ARTS is the creative theme  to establish a platform that we are trying to communicate with general public regarding globally critical issues, such as climate change and mutant virus. By means of cinema, contemporary art and social events, innovative ideas hold on stage, message narrate to viewers and people connect together.

Dr. Burgher works for environmental protection

Some take technology advancing as the main driving  force of social  development. However, culture indeed is the core of the trend. People of Creative class who can reshape the culture play the vital part of the innovation as well as the economy system. When they change the culture with some sort of art to wake up people’s real needs or solution they also reshape the structure of society.

Now, due to the digital web,  the world system needs renovation for fast-paced culture change. Where would be the start point, technology, media or arts? Does the culture revolve into the good or bad direction?

During the process, how many artifacts, contents or issues can be well-presented? Or any new market is emerging? Could those things be good paradigms for next generation of responsible professionals?

What does it mean to decorate antique furniture with beautiful women and plants?

Some people nowadays are complaining the Earth unbalanced by the industrialization. Could this kind of arguments be solved in the near future? Could  nature or spiritual power be the magic bullets for these potential catastrophes?

For curious souls, all the questions could be costly to get answered but worthy to dig in as wonderful  experience. To realize things for people in affordable way, we have had hold several events, such as RuralMix, Winter Garden, the Cookie House, Autumn fairytales as well as upcoming Taosidency©.

With the help from local professionals and supporters, our projects and prototypes were made possible for participators who  learned the ideas about Eco-aesthetics , nature development and family improvement. The premise of A.R.T.S. is to help social development, economically and culturally, based on humanity, just like a breeze above the spring field. With A.R.T.S., let people always have an option to take for real life. That is the trend to the decentralized modernity.

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