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It seems that all come around as reality gradually!

Every day we are bombarded with the same news: the oceans are rising. The weather is extremer than ever. Every year is hotter than the one before. The glaciers are disappearing, rivers are flowing over. Thousands of species are going extinct. Industrial modernity has passed the thresholds, pushed great nature out of balance. Contemporary humans are living in the midst of a global ecological crisis. As responsible creatives, what can be done to revoke the process?

Be creative to enlighten a green world /Digital Art by LKW 2021

It seems that our modern society and all its technological advancements increasingly removed us from nature, increasingly took us out of the forests and placed us into concrete cities, increasingly detached us from all that is green and grounded to become lost in digital spaces and contraptions of our own mind, increasingly made us forget the essentials of real nourishment and doomed us to lives of empty calories and existential discontent, turned us hungry, destructive.

The unresponb humans ruining their own home are mindlessly heading towards the bleak nature less future that is unfolding before everyone. Do you really want to live in Mars than a world full with cute lives?

Serenity of woods / Digital Art by LKW 2021

Whenever looking at old pastoral paintings which tend to depict a harmony between nature and society, do you feel the meaning of idyllic for life? It’s  hardly to feel a vague sense of grief to feel that, despite all of our progression, something important has been lost.

Since 2007, we set out on a journey into an RuralMix lifestyle, going back to the basics, the essentials of life, to reconnect with the nature, to see if modern life could re-establish a seemingly-lost connection to the world that has become so disturbed by artificial beings, that no longer seems content with our presence,

that is increasingly leaving us in despair and wondering:

Do we still belong on this planet? Where did it all go so wrong? And perhaps most importantly: is there still something that we can do? Can we still be able to change our ways, a better ways to relate to nature with new philosophies to guide nowadays life? That’s what we wanted to know by means of A.R.T.S., a movements and culture research with our social event and productions. It’s not a bad idea to show the aesthetics of nature to inspire public just as done by ancient wise artist on wall of cave.

Grounded / Digital Art by LKW 2021

When going out into nature, especially in a place that has a pretty good variety of it, mind got an opportunity of resilience for new inspiration. There are forests and fields, wetlands, river lands and heathlands, all within walking distance in our Taosidency. It should be enough for anyone to develop a close connection with nature in state of mind. And yet, it’s surely everyone have experienced too on some level whenever out in these natural places.

Nature is always this external realm that people interact with, that we explore, protect, or affect in some other way as some outside stimulus. And vice versa, we talk about nature as that which occasionally affects humans, that poke through superficial to uncover the essential facts of life in many of our stories.

Taosidency© is a new selection to help people make sense of our ecological crisis and alleviate climate despair.

Explore that left behind / Digital Art by LKW 2021

Do you want in nature to enjoy the quietness, the lack of distractions, more grounded feelings and more reflection of civilization where coming from and would eventually returning to? Please register to be a member!

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