Memework for Lifestyle

by Nana Bee

20201010 was a very special combination in numbers. Unless there were a time machine to do something after, the meaning of it would have been blank forever. So I feel that something special should be done for this day. A presentation of contemporary art therefore was held  for urban elites.

The Memeworks Festival integrated culture memes, eat and drink in a space full of fantasy. We can see a time-lost dinosaurs, as well as the modern artifacts, rock and roll, and the flux of post-modern. It seems that we enter a time capsule and shuttle through the visual storm of imagination. Here we will have a unique experience of an liberation after this long-term lockdown.

Louis K Wang, a visual artist, is invited to provide  his artworks as the theme to interpret the relationship between culture memes and contemporary movement. Through the classic movie clips, excerpted from the end of the 19th century to the 21st century, we can recall many memories hidden in our brains. We think of the scenes of our childhood watching movies with our parents, or entering the cinema hand in hand with our first love, or the memory of watching DVD at home on that lonely night, or the feeling of entering a exotic theater during a trip. As long as you remember those growing-up moments in your life, there is a montage of Wang’s visual art on the screen. It is like walking into a kaleidoscope through the sea of psychedelic lights. Then we can enjoy the nature with the natural crisscross scenery of the city. It is like being enchanted by a fairy and singing a waltz. Just as we want to praise the beauty of all things, images lead us back to the world of cinema. All kinds of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, joy, pain, shock, love, friendship, family affection, and the emotions that appear in the picture, are the portrayal of all kinds of emotions in our life. Each scene seems to enter the heart again and examine our emotions with the memes. With these montages, the progress of life shows ambiguously back to the present.

In 2020, so far, we have experienced isolation at home, lockdown of the entire city, suspension of international routes, and 14 days quarantine, working at home, online classes, online exhibitions and art auctions and theater’s breakdown. Our work and recreation, learning and interaction have become surreal to past real world. Perhaps because of this illusory moment, we can settle ourselves down and find more possibilities for future. After all these being through, when people can get together to communicate and have collective experience, any event should be arranged differently with more meaning than usual.

The lost year of 2020 is like a black screen in the movie transition. When the story starts again, we hope that every audience can find their own classics. In fact, the classics related to ourselves always exist at any time. Sometimes we feel that they have never existed, and sometimes we feel that their existence is a kind of tribulation in life. Everything lies in whether we have the heart to appreciate and find the symbols of emotional reflection on significances in every day. Those symbols can be linked with images, stored in our memory database, and become memes of memory. And then at some point, when the drawer of memory is open, the scenes that we treasure, let the emotion have a chance to recall.

Those who once thought of the fleeting, in fact, will still leave a memory in the mind. Just like this evening’s party, after these classic pictures, when the participants are having dinner and tasting wine, some friends will start to communicate, because the memories generated by which movie even extend more about their own life stories, which makes the relationship between people closer.

Due to the limited space of the venue, this presentation of cultural memes can only be presented in the form of live house with a flavor of creative culture concept. Thanks to the guests who participated in this experience, let a gathering successfully become a beautiful meme of memory in 2020, remain in everyone’s subconscious, and bring more happiness to this odd year!

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