Beijing Art Zone


What is an art residency? Does it bring any benifits to normal but bored modern life?

To some one who believes in serendipity, it is the vibe to get inspiration and opportunity not only to artists themself but also to visitors who participate in. Meanwhile, it  is a venue for open-minded heart that the most important thing for people to bring in when coming over.

Surreal, post-modern and random format,the above was one of the art zone in Beijing. It is an art residency programs organized by Red Gate Gallery. Nana Bee eagerly leaded the way crossing over, block by block, to discover what activity happened inside. International expats, entrepreneurs, local professionals and art lovers got a chance to gather  together earthly in a zero-ground urban village. People from different culture background hopped in the platform to share diversity, aspiration and excitements.

The pandemic has gone. For curious and nomadic souls, we  update our coming project. for people looking for more creative things. Come and join with iNGO Group!

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