Ritual: The threshold of Belief

Ritual: The threshold of Belief

Genre:Ethnography Short
Format: Digital Video

Belief creates a protective sphere between faith and non-faith.
Enjoy yourself in the sphere, and dance with amazement and madness to whoever out of the sphere!
The ritual of belief gives culture its specifications and divides different culture minorities.
A sphere is opposite to another sphere, stirring with each other, having bad contacts and disputes.
The small sphere is inside the mobile phone, the middle sphere is between the heaven and the earth, and the mega sphere is chaotic without defined.
Because the ritual of belief has not yet been formed.


For the Russian mineralogist and geologist Vladimir Vernadsky, who devised the concept of biosphere in 1926, Planet Earth is made up of the intermeshing of five distinct spheres – the lithosphere, the rigid, rock outer layer; the biosphere, comprising all living beings; the atmosphere, the envelope of gases known as air; the technosphere resulting from human activity; and the noosphere, the part of the biosphere occupied by thinking humanity, including all thoughts and ideas. Other authors have since added to this list the notions of hydrosphere (all the water present on the planet) and cryosphere (ice).