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Culture Diversity and Liberal Art

Year: 2001

Contemporary art is not just about painting stuffs. There are much more about the creation from humans in the modern society. Artists in profession are valuable to present alternative and inspiration to people who confront dilly frustration in a mechanistic world.

This is a clip presenting how excitement can be from the liberal art, an open exhibition in Taipei at the dawn of 21st century. It was the time of evolution that Taiwan developed from global OEM to independent innovation island. The concept of culture industery was introduced into this region by advanced scholars and experts such as Louis Wang. The whole society is looking for good examples. So, aspirating creatives both from academy or social sectors have gathered in an abandoned brewery in the city (now Huashan Art District) to demonstrate their talents. The outcome has successfully affected the government’s culture policy as well as economic development that expanded the market of culture and creative for local art world.

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