The Interverse of 2023 MET

This was a project for Gen Z artists of different culture background sharing life art and collaborating to do art creation. This time, young creatives from both sides of Taiwan Strait joined this art residency program to have a journey beyound conventiion. Even enjoying the same culture heritage, they got different developing path of modernization. For mutual understanding not just by internet, they come around and got chance to experience same life stories in real world, searching on street cuisine and art in the cultural capital of Beijing. Although online information is abundant, offline on-location communication and interaction are more exciting and , enriching to soul the soul. A richly experience and colorful life is necessarily needed for healthy of mind, that can offer more communication frequencies to life.

Five days and four nights of art residency, showcasing this experience through an art exhibition, expressing it with original artworks, and sharing an extraordinary journey with the public, these young generation will bring real experiences back to the metaverse, to make the world peaceful and future life interesting in the historical timeline.

We ctermed this young group the “Metaverse Exploration Team, MET”.

2024 MET is now open to apply!

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