Space alien is the humans of the future

There are cool props such as interactive screens, tablet computer, mobile phone and smart watch that only appeared in science fiction movies 30 years ago. Now all available on market of our daily life. The 21st century is neither the end of the world nor everyone on the streets wearing space jumpsuits. However, with the announcement of the Mars migration project and the discussion on dark matter in black holes. It seems that the century of space traveling has come true. So is it possible to travel in time back and forward?
In fact, the audience has already gone through a journey of time-space when watching the movie. They shuttle through the past, present and future inside the theater. Apart from entertainment, we may as well find some reasonable clues to dissolve mysteries and get unexpected answers from movies.
Now I will give you an example. Take the 1982 movie E.T. aliens by American director Steven Spielberg as an example. I think his prop artists created a kind of aliens with good reference. Maybe they have actually met these aliens! And, these aliens were not from outer space, but our Earth, the future humans coming through the tunnel of time and space.
What do you say?
First of all, we take the most iconic scene of the movie, in which is the alien lifted its index finger of odd length and communicated with the little boy, by putting the index finger on the forehead. Let’s compare it with our used-to do with smart phones and tablets with index finger to slide around on the screen, even little baby before walk do the same to have fun on the screen. If this situation continues, according to the capability of human DNA to record habits and the principle of evolution, the index finger is more competitive for modern survival. After several generations of evolution and gene enhancement, the index finger will naturally turn into a longer one. Everyone should know how giraffe comes with a long neck . That explains thing.
Why does this space alien build with a big belly but short legs? This can be explained by the fact that, in the future, the living space of human beings is limited, and there are fewer opportunities to walk. Perhaps, we don’t need to walk too mch at all, such as daily affairs, socializing, transferring money, shopping, etc., which can be done on personal devices. Aren’t we developing AI unmanned technology now? In the near future, we can do what we want with just a little finger move. We can eat, drink and do work along with the help of robots even without a move. So, the legs are not need very often. On the gradual degradation, they reduced to short and fat.
So why is the space alien so bald and wrinkled? Look at the facts of air quality and ozone hole breaking, and a lot of cosmic waves. It seems that in the future, people on earth will be overused by solar radiation and various drugs, so that they can’t grow hair. Why does it’s neck stretch? It’s probably the result of too many tests for a job.
When alien was separated from the high-tech spaceship, like a vulnerable disabled person, hiding everywhere, worse than a child on the earth. It’s just like the moment when a modern people without a smart devices, who doesn’t know how to deal with any things. By the way, I forgot to mention why space alien’s eyes are so big. It must be because, due to the excessive screen brushing of eyes, genetics will cause people’s eyes to be born with amblyopia in the future, so after birth, they are all implanted with multi-functional pupil to take a large area, which can not only correct their vision, but also catch up with the fashion.
Besides, that part of the bridge of mind power moving objects is more suitable for the quantum mechanics studied in the physical field now. Anyway, there are energy waves inside and outside the brain shell. If you amplify the brain wave and share the frequency with the matter, you can move objects! Is it too mysterious? Check the scientific literature! Today’s science is tomorrow’s common sense.
In addition, space alien is a farmer who comes to collect plants in the story. It’s not hard to understand that it’s because the earth in that era has suffered serious environmental damage and all plants are dead. Therefore, it’s necessary to go through time and space to find samples of native plants and bring them back to breeding.
Well, according to such a reasoning, it seems that the image of aliens in all movie may really be the future humans. Then UFO must be a space-time shuttle. Now it’s really not a secret anymore!

Space Alien Bobou

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