Could Creative be Digitized?

At the beginning of 2020, we are facing the most serious challenge. The impact of the epidemic has not only brought panic to contemporary civilized life, but also brought harm to world peace as well as sustainable development. When we have to close the door and suspend the contact to communicate with nature world, the good will hunts. Fear can drown everything, but creativity can open another door, art can provide a window as well. Thanks to the development of new technology and the evolution of contemporary lifestyle, ideas can now be shared online, and creative people can provide many meaningful inspirations to the world by staying at indoor personal studio.

As a result of this trend of production, we have decided to move forward in a new way to create a cultural, creative and financial media based on Intelligent Property Rights(IPR). To find the real value of art for the world in the digital age, the human perception of the true world, the good and the beautiful as the basis of communication between people, the quality of soul improvment, we would like to  make artistic contents  the balance bridge for mental healthy.

Digital Art by Louis K Wang,1997

In 2021, it’s a new start. The world should be evolving, not degenerating. Human creativity must keep up with the pace of the times. It is not to go back to the past and not to repeat the so-called tradition, but to draw nourishment from the past artistic practice and provide a better vision for the future mankind with a broader heart. Then the possibility of digital art in this era will become more and more essential.

For the public sphere, everyone has a unique perspective to interpret the world outlook. Because it is the language from the soul and the nourishment of happiness, it is not difficult to understand the value of modernity through contemporary art. To feel the significance of our life and to improve our spirit, it’s not difficult for us and professionals with us to provide mood supply and encourage feeling of good things that happen.

Although there are many types of art, such as film and television, painting, music, sculpture, ect., widely fly on their own skyline, artificial intelligence make everything easier to get but hard to have creative value. The practices of humans creativity  are converging. In order to maintain the value and significance of manmade contemporary art in the digital era, we will take digital art as the focus of development, advocate the issues that can embody the humanistic value and reflect the significance of the times in art works, realize the collective value of art in the digital era, and welcome creative people who pursue higher quality of life to join us and become our contract professionals. Our global team integrates the creative resources of the human brain. Through carefully selecting and integrating them into social capital, we will present them in a good way on the international platform in future distribution or publication, so as to recognize the cultural and creative economy brought about by excellent contemporary art.

Let us learn together. No matter which constellation or planet you are in, you are welcome to join us and keep your creative heart while at work. Good luck!

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