Dangerous thing to let everyone know?

Everybody know about that! It seems that everyone knows except you. Those know don’t tell and those tell don’t know. What had happened in real world? Why not to make a film about what you know about what is going on in your mind to everybody?

The reason we say this because you’ve been a loyal viewer. And you’ve stuck with us for the past few months. All of this craziness is definitely going to over soon for good of everybody.

movie made in China, “Crazy Alien”

Here we are going to tell you about our development in filmmaking in the emerging arena in China where movie market is now the biggest of the world. That’s mean that we need more professionals to participate and explore the opportunity, upgrading game to next level.

So we are glad to reveal that the new policy favor to professionals to try something new. In this old country with brand newand huge market, players need some understood and positive mindset to explore the value. Furthermore, based on foreign investment law and open market in entertainment business, there are prospect future for creative entrepreneur who really want to have a professional career in the culture creative industry.

movie made in China, “Wandering Earth”

We are willing to offer you our support and experience if you are ready to be part of this expedition. We can do joined project with creatives like you. We promise It will be a wonderful experience to do production with us. The scale of production is better projected above 5 million USD. That will be an ideally manageable budget to secure quality and get financial support .

There are courses and workshops prepared for people who need to study everything about film making. Do you know when you learn new skill or language, the brain will be wired differently by itself, according the movie “Arrival (2016). Believe it or not, the movie that you made will speak for your mind. Is that a dangerous thing to do?

Welcome to join the world of recreation.Please come and find your “Early Bird” privilege.


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